Communications advice

With my corporate communications background and experience working on many different types of projects as a freelancer, I can advise you on how to communicate more effectively.

For example, a client might ask me to write or edit a text but I quickly realize that the communications goal has not been thought through enough. Or, the client might be trying to communicate too much, without having clarified the key messages beforehand.

Or take a company that plans to restructure a department or an entire business. The communications department needs more than an internal memo to announce the change. It needs an analysis of how different stakeholders will perceive and react to the change, as well as a clear set of messages so people understand what is happening and how they will be affected. Furthermore, the company should already start thinking about how to re-engage staff later once the period of uncertainty is over.

My advisory work encompasses:

  • Developing your communications plan
  • Executing your communication plan (content creation, project support)
  • Organizing events (town hall meetings with staff, leadership conferences)
  • Developing a new editorial formula or adapting an existing one
  • Editorial planning
  • Developing your corporate story
  • Finding themes and proof points to support your story
  • Developing key messages
  • Communicating during change
  • Project communication
  • Leadership communications: helping executives clarify their vision and goals