For every text – no matter how short or long – the following question must always be asked: Will anyone bother to read this?

If readers stop after the first paragraph, it’s time to bring in outside professional help.

English copywriting
Texts that I write for you will make an impact with readers.  People will read your copy to the end and remember your brand and products long afterwards. My other services are copyediting, translations and communications advice.  

Correcting blatant grammatical and spelling errors in your texts is just the start. I’ll ensure your texts have a logical structure, an engaging style and the right of voice for the intended audience. 

I translate texts of a business, marketing and technical nature from German and Dutch into English.  The end product will always read as if it were written by a native.  

Communications advice
Even before a specific text needs to be written, edited or translated, I can advise you on your communications approach, formulate your key messages or develop your story line.

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