Understanding your goals
Strong corporate communication helps your company achieves its goals. That might be selling more products, increasing awareness of your brand, improving employee engagement, or showcasing up-and-coming talent to a broader audience.  What do you want to achieve? Count on me to ask.

Connecting your message
‘Connecting your message’ is the motto of my business and guides me in every writing, editing and translation assignment. 

Everything your company has to say — whether through a press release, on your intranet, a customer magazine or on social media — must be consistent. Conflicting messages can cause your key stakeholders to become uncertain. That can damage your company’s reputation.  That’s why I take every effort to understand your company’s corporate strategy, communications strategy, key messages, products, culture, customers, etc.

With this knowledge, I ensure readers will be able to ‘connect the dots’ and understand how the different parts of your corporate story fit together.

Partnering with you
Long-term relationships are important to me.  The longer I work with you, the better I get to know you and can fulfill your needs.  That creates satisfaction on both sides.

Some of my clients and I have gone beyond the status of ‘assignment giver/assignment taker’, developing a close partnership where we work hand in hand to create the best-possible content for the end user.

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